Self Worst

There are 540,000 podcasts. This is one of them.


Failure is always an option!

Self Worst is a podcast about failure. At least, it started off that way. How did you fail? Where did it bring you? But the discussion has opened up into a myriad of topics. Creative inspiration and block, day jobs, bad habits, mental health, the fleeting sense of sanity, worth, dignity, and security that we chase under capitalism, trauma, art, spiritualism, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and the mirage of meritocracy. Artists, designers, losers, dirtbags, musicians, degenerates, comedians, actors, fuck ups, scholars, crazies, filmmakers, veterans, sluts, commies, weirdos, activists, addicts, teachers, fatties, queers and all other types of beautiful people join me in a discussion on what to do with this stupid, sacred life.